Gearboxes – Brochures


They are compact in size, mounting directly onto the driven shaft thus eliminating the use of a foundation and couplings. The gears are helical, hardened, and ground with suitable alloy steels. The gearbox is suitable for both forward and reverses the motion.

BT Series Shaft Mounted Gear Unit

The is a versatile gearbox developed on special demand from our customers worldwide. POWERGEAR BT-Series Round Shaft Mounted Gear Unit. The gear unit is compact in size mounting directly onto the driven shaft, thus eliminating the need of a foundation and coupling. The torque arm anchors the gear unit and provides an easy and quick method of adjustment of V-belts by means of a turnbuckle. All our units are supplied with torque arms.

Planetary Counterflow Mixer Gearbox

The Involute Planetary Counterflow Mixer Gearbox is an outcome of specialized product development for the needs of the growing construction industry worldwide. The gearbox works on the principle of counterflow mixing due to a rotating star rotor along with a rotating side scraper, which mixes the raw materials to produce concrete with high homogeneity and quality within seconds.