Hardox® wear plate is both hard and tough!!


Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of wear service centers. We provide wear parts and wear solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and service life. With more than 500 centers in 100 countries, there is always a Hardox Wearparts Center close to you!

Hardox® wear plate has a unique combination of hardness and toughness, making it both wear and crack resistant. Depending on your particular wear situation Hardox® wear plate can improve performance and increase service life several times compared to other AR steel grades.

Choose the right-wear plate to boost the performance and productivity of your equipment and parts.

Hardox® wear plate is designed to deliver great performance and long wear life. You can maximize both by choosing just the right plate for your specific application and requirements.

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Discover how hard Hardox® wear plate works to provide superior wear resistance during the entire service life of a wear plate.

Built to take a beating

Rocks, sand, coal, minerals, scrap metal and other hostile materials find it hard to make a lasting impression on Hardox® wear plates. With its combination of high hardness, strength and toughness, Hardox® steel has proven itself as the abrasion-resistant steel of choice for extending the service life of equipment, parts and structures in the most challenging environments.

A lifetime of savings

Extreme wear resistance is also a strategic business factor. When you extend the service life of your equipment two, five or even ten or more times, you can watch your productivity — and your savings — grow.


Tough enough not to crack

Thanks to its extreme toughness, Hardox® copes with shocks, jolts, bangs, nicks and jabs, day after day. And with its good workshop properties, you can bend it, form it and weld it, and it will keep resisting cracks and crack propagation. In aggressive environments, where breakage failures can be unpredictable and costly or even threaten the safety of your equipment and people, Hardox® wear plate helps you minimize the risks so your equipment — and your business — won’t break down.

Structural properties

Toughness: It’s the definitive difference between Hardox® wear plate and regular AR steel. It’s what helps make Hardox® possible to use as structural steel. So you can bend it, form it and weld it without losing its properties. Together with its high yield strength, this allows for lighter designs.


The latest in overlay technology

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Hardox Wearparts centers specialize in custom-made wear parts of the quenched and tempered steel grades Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel. Duroxite® overlay products are also available for wear situations involving sliding wear and low impact.

Wear solutions from Hardox Wearparts are matched to each application, whether it is a high impact with low abrasive wear or high impact with high abrasive wear. Typical parts are liners for shovels, bulldozer blades and cutting edges, grizzly bars, screens, crusher parts, wedges for jaw crushers, and rings for cone crushers as well as parts for excavator buckets.


The wear parts manufactured by Hardox Wearparts are made from Hardox® wear plate and Toolox® engineering & tool steel, steel grades that are both hard and tough. For applications with severe sliding wear, Duroxite® overlay products are sometimes more suitable.

To ensure the long life of the machinery and to avoid downtime, it is important to have a good wear maintenance plan that covers all equipment. At Hardox Wearparts we have uptime management services that help companies evolve from reactive to proactive repair strategies, resulting in a more cost-efficient production process. Our wear specialists can suggest ways to optimize maintenance routines through wear monitoring solutions and service agreements.

 Hardox Wearparts centers make wear parts for many applications in cement production, such as chute protection, deflectors, screeds, hoppers, buckets, conveyors, fan blades, pipe and transitions.


Developed specifically for abrasive environments, Hardox® wear plate, Toolox® engineering & tool steel and Duroxite® overlay products allow recyclers and recycling equipment manufacturers to cut costs, improve service life and optimize production.

The recycling industry handles metal, plastics, glass, rubber, wood, concrete, and other materials. Even if plastic and wood are not highly abrasive materials by themselves, they are usually contaminated with an abrasive materials such as sand and stones. 

Hardox Wearparts has the right expertise to improve the performance of your recycling equipment in shredders, knives, hammer crushers, waste sorting drums, shears, balers, screens, etc.