Whether you are mining above or below ground, high wear resistance is vital to reach high productivity and uptime.

Our wear parts are manufactured using the optimum material for your needs: Hardox® wear plate has a unique
combination of hardness and toughness, making it both wear and crack resistant. Quarry2


By selecting just the right-wear material
for every stage in the cement production
chain, we can help you to maximize
uptime and minimize maintenance from
the limestone quarry to the moment the
cement leaves the mill. Cement1


The concrete chain has many wear challenges. We help you to tackle those challenges. Our expertise lies
in selecting just the right-wear material, and design and manufacture the parts to fit your particular needs. Sheet metal bending in factory Bestolia Ltd is based in Cyprus and is part of the Hardox Wearparts Global network. All Hardox Wearparts centers use the industry-leading Hardox® wear plate to produce wear parts. Print